Saturday, January 31, 2009

in search of the perfect bird gun

I have wanted to own a nice double barrel shotgun for many years. Such a gun has not only the versatility of having two different chokes on the same gun ofcourse, but, it just says "bird hunting". The problem is that they are soooooo much more expensive than any other gun. The craftsmanship and complexity of the gun are much more involved than with a perfectly sensible pump action shotgun. I already own a Remington 870 wingmaster which is a great gun except for the fact that it has a 30 inch barrel and a full choke. This makes it very specialized for one type of hunting. Most of the hunting I do however is for grouse and some pheasant. This close to moderate range shooting really "needs" a side by side shotgun....are you listening, Tam?

Then there is the agonizing decision over the gauge of the gun. My 870 is a 12 gauge, but, I think I would rather try a 20 gauge for weight reasons. However, nearly every place I can hunt requires non toxic shot. A sixteen would probably be a good compromise, especially if I were to load my own shells. Oh well, the search for the perfect gun is almost as much fun as the hunt itself.

OK, here goes!

So, here I am, Eric Enberg, barging my way onto the blogging scene....a few years later than everyone else... The purpose of this blog is to act something like a diary crossed with a place to vent frustrations and to celebrate other words pretty much like everyone else's blog.

Today was not a good day for my wife. Tam really wants to do another adoption. We had chosen a set of twin boys from Thailand, but, instead of being three, they turned out to be six years old. That would upset the birth order with our other children. Now we don't trust the adoption agency that sent us the information and Tam is all bummed out. Something will work out I'm sure, but, Tam is pretty set on this little project and the old nesting instinct is in overdrive.

Evenings reading or blogging(!) in bed with Tam are one of my favorite times of the day. Very peaceful, occasionally funny, and always comfortable. Yeah, occasionally passionate, too. Tam just passed gas which is one of the most intelligent things she has said in the last hour! Oopps, she just saw that last comment.....busted!

The kids are in bed, now. They are really beautiful when they are sound asleep. We have a total of six children. Joshua 22, and Danielle 19 are mine. Cody 14 and Chrysta 12 are Tam's. Ethan 6 and Maia 4 are ours. Only the last four are still at home. But, most of you reading this probably already know that.

I have a wide range of interests and you will probably hear about all of them at some point. Certainly, I enjoy medicine, my profession, though not the paperwork that seems to have become such a part the the profession. I can see why so many of my fellow family physicians want to leave the profession over the next several years. I also am very interested in developing a peaceful, fair, and green future for my children and the children of all others. I am particularly interested in green energy and the connections between our violent foreign policy, cheap oil, and overabundance of cheap/fatty food, and our poor health. Aquaponics or the use of fish waste to irrigate and nourish crops while cleaning the water for the fish is very interesting. I also enjoy gardening, sailing, hunting, fishing, camping, and bike riding.

OK, enough with the introductions.