Sunday, February 1, 2009

the day

I just love working with families. I rounded on a patient and just kept getting pounded by family members all wondering what I was going to do about something on a weekend that they could have seen coming a long time ago. Frustrating.

I'm finally home now. I wanted to go for a walk with Tam, but, she has the same GI distress I had yesterday....the one I got from my patients in the hospital. It's funny though how I no longer get as sick as I did when I started here. Apparently, there was a sufficient enough difference in the bugs from what I had been exposed to before that I was ill quite a few times that first year. Now, the little viral factories can cough their viral loads straight into my face AND I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DANGER!!! The nurses all roll their eyes when I say things like that and pronounce me a complete dork. It's as if they are all singlemindedly trying to diminish my testosterone level to the lowest level still consistent with maintaining beard growth and no more. Well, enough of that, I'm going to try and enjoy a walk over to the park. Maybe Ethan will come along. He's usually good for a walkabout. The wind is out of the west and it will be getting cooler again, but, now it is 32 degrees out and I need to get some exercise.

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  1. you may be a dork. but you are MY dork. and I love you. = )