Saturday, February 21, 2009

fun day

Today was a good day. We got Ethan and Maia off to my mom's yesterday. Today, Tam and I got up early and went in to round on a couple of patients and then we left from the hospital to go to the cities. We stopped off at Cabela's where I bought a nice 8 wt fly rod. This is a rod that I have lusted, yes, lusted after ever since I bought Cody a nice 5 wt fly rod several weeks ago. Naturally, the cost had gone up, but, I got it anyway. It has the strength to handle large bass, northern pike, steelheads, and salmon. It even comes with a "fighting butt"(!) on the end to brace against my rippling abs when in piscatorial combat. OK, maybe the part about rippling abs is a bit over the top, but, face it, how many mere mortals can say they own a "fighting butt".

We then went off to a Taste of India and had a nice lunch and then off to TMORA, The Museum Of Russian Art. It was really nice to actually read the little notes to the side of the paintings and not chase after children who are on their own schedule. I am inspired to take up oil painting. I really like impressionism and landscapes. I should get some brushes, etc and try my hand at it.

Tonight, we took Cody and Chrysta to the IREC for some exercise. We had the whole place to ourselves for most of the time. Chrysta and Cody are really getting really good at raquetball.

Tonight we are watching "Knocked Up"....I can see why this was in the theater for two days before going to video. One can only take male immaturity for so long.....

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  1. and you're a fungi. maybe we can make some dedos de pescados when you catch some dinner with your new toy.