Thursday, February 5, 2009

long day

Last night was a call night. Two admits for the Sr. Care unit. We are now up to eight! This is really good news because the breakeven point is 5.5 patients so we should now be a profit center for the hospital. Small town hospitals are having a really hard time in general and ours seems to have been the victim of some serious mismanagement, perhaps, downright fraud. In any event, we are busy digging our way out of a deep hole. I started rounding this morning at 0700 and didn't finish until 1100. Some day off, but, the income is welcome. Hospital board meets tonight so it will be a late one.

Maia unfortunately seems to have a viral gastroenteritis and Tam feels that she cannot go to her scrapbooking extravaganza while Maia wants her mother.

I got a chance to look up some information about battery technology. It seems that BYD (Build Your Dreams) a Chinese company, is building lithium/iron/phosphate batteries that are quick charging and can last for 2000 recharges or about 10 years. This may revolutionize transportation and the storage of renewable energy as well. The future is very bright; we just need to grasp it.

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