Thursday, February 26, 2009

snow day

Last night was a call night. Kind of a rough night. First, I walked into my day with two OBs who were ruptured and not moving. The one was one of my partners who was off for the day, but, came in to deliver his OB patient. The other was a very young native woman with her first baby and it appeared to be huge. To make a long story short, she simply didn't change all day despite all of the tricks up my sleeve and she had to get a c-section. Everybody is doing OK. I got home about 8:00 to get a bite and fell asleep on Tam's shoulder. I got into bed not 20 minutes and had to come in for two patients who were having problems. One with a PE and the other with suspected MI. I transferred the one and watched the other all night. The nurses called me with questions every 20-30 minutes until 0230. Then, a meeting all morning today.

When I got out, it was snowing hard. The car had very little gas last night and I somehow forgot my wallet, so, I had to make a run for home on fumes. I got all the way to Isle and literally came in to the gas station on battery power!! (I do love my Prius). Chrysta came over with my wallet and we went home together. Then Cody and I shoveled snow and made quick work of it! That kid can really move some snow now.

Pizza rice tonight! Tam made cookies...yum...

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